LASTING RELIEF FROM ANXIETY & EMOTIONAL PAIN to unlock your full potential & Thrive

Overcome anxiety easily once you know the root cause!

Trying to reduce anxiety? You might be doing it all wrong...

Most people with anxiety mistake the things that trigger them to feel anxious for the problem.

They learn to identify triggers so they can avoid them.

While this can help you avoid certain situations that you know will overstimulate you, it won't help you reduce anxious feelings in the long run.

In fact, it will limit you as you avoid more and more things.

To effectively reduce and clear anxiety you need to understand what has set it in motion in the first place.

When you take the three minute Anxiety Personality assessment it helps you to instantly identify the root causes behind anxiety, emotional pain and self sabotaging patterns that overshadow daily life and relationships.

Join hundreds of clients who have already taken the test and unlock my FREE Anxiety Personality Guide that I will send to you to help you get clear on the issues to work on so you can finally begin to feel better.

Susanna Sweeney MSc is an accredited psychotherapist with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has been working with people in a therapeutic role for over 30 years helping them overcome the impact of trauma as well as anxiety, depression and other emotional pain. She specializes in helping people overcome the effects of faulty childhood programming quickly, safely and permanently so they can thrive in life and business.


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